Some things better change around here now

I can’t earn any badges and I wonder why

So some one who actually cares please help with this damn problem I sick of it

I can’t earn a single badge at all. Also why the hell am I not a member or a regular yet.

I don’t need idiots replying to this and saying a bunch of dumb crap I need answers and now.

I don’t really know why you aren’t earning any badges, but I think I know why you aren’t regular by this point. In a discourse manual about the various trust levels, in order to get to “regular”, or trust level 3, you cannot have received any punishment for the last six months.
You also have to be fairly active, so if you disappear for a few weeks, you will be demoted from regular back to member.

Also, I know you might be upset, but perhaps chill out with the language?

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One of the reasons why you dont have member or regular roles is because half the things you post is talking down to people. Ask for help, be patient, and be respectful, and lots of problems will be solved.