Someone delete this discussion

@grazer I did my stuff now this discussion is useless so please delete

Well, I just scroll through the first page of the forums (mostly) on almost a daily to weekly basis to help everyone I can.

As in site discussions, do you mean your website?
If you want people to be in discussions, you first need people to come to your site to see thing.
And second, the discussions needs to be something for what their interested in so they can leave their own comments. False alarms can grab people attentions, but don’t expect for people to add comments for something not what they’re expecting, let alone receiving positive comments or reactions about it.

If you don’t need help then I don’t advise using Help title or tags for ‘testing’. I don’t see the meaning or purpose of this test and is a distraction when I’m trying to find users who need help.

Ok see if you entitle something I need help you are more likely to get someone to comment on your discussion I want people to go to my site discussion but no one is so I did this to test my theory

I want people to go to the discussion so they know about the site

and use it

Then slowly make more discussions about the site (with the link) with features, new updates and images about the site and what it can offer.

Like I had to search for the link for the site from one of your older (edited) discussions. And I didn’t know you had tile set that we can download, but you have to search under gallery in the site. <-- That would be a great feature that is good to know for people coming to the site on the main description of the discussion.