Someone Help PLEASE!

I Tried To Make A Shop In My Game And It Works Kind Of When I Don’t Have Enough Points It Says I Don’t Witch Is Good But When I DO have Enough Points It Still Says I Don’t Have Enough Someone Look At My Game And Tell Me Whats Wrong My Game:

Yeah i would like to make a shop in my game

Sigh. I really don’t have time for even my own games since I got my job. I’m only home in the morning. I’ll try to explain the BEST way to make a store.

Bullet - collision - enemy - message (to whatever the score is linked to) (in) [number 1] - (+) [number] - Label
Now you should have points work.

For the store, idk if you use click or enter or whatever but once you select the item

  • message - (wherever the points are) - (in )[number -#] (negative number) - send that to the (+) [number] before the - Label

Now clicking on a store item removes points from the score.

You want it to lock, so have an on off switch and 2 filters in each weapon box you click on
filter less than (idk whatever price your weapons are, lets say 50) - off
have the click go to the (in)
and have (greater than 49) as a filter connect to the (on) switch

Now if you have over 50 points, the switch turns on, and click sends a message to remove score.
If you have under 50 points, the switch is off, and clicking buy does nothing

I hope you understand, because I won’t be home for a whole week while I visit family for Christmas. Good luck.

Oh Thanks :] I Somewhat Got It Working