Someone please tell me how I can fix my shop!!

I’m having trouble doing my shop. Community please help me I’m pretty new to flowlab.

Here’s an example game for making a shop:

Here’s an example I made that would be perfect fit this:

Thank you all very much!
I really appreciate it!

One more question,when i click the character it doesn’t change the image,it just take away the moneys

so how can I fix it

@“Alex Minh”
Look more closely at my example and then look at yours;

In the Red Car:

  • Message isn’t set to CR

In the Blue Car:

  • its turning all your money to 1 because you have the mouse click go to save instead of read
  • Filter needs to go back to save $$ IF the subtraction is greater than 0
  • Click needs to go to in with both switches
  • Once needs to go to read of the $$

The selected car seems to be set up correctly, fix these issues with the blue car and it should display correctly.

Thank you I’ll try

I’ve try to fix it and thank you it worked but when i buy it the game doesn’t change the character

And what do you mean CR?

Oh actually I fixed that already but now I can’t change back to the red car

And how to make my games go on forever like Drive

There are several was to make infinite runners, all involving spewing, @“JR 01” made drive by spewing objects and having them move towards the player. You can also make a game go on forever by having the character constantly spawn things in front of them like I did in infinite game without a great name. Or you can be like @Latif and simply have the player battle things until they die. Basically, just have things continue to spawn until the player dies.

You can’t change back because you never set the Red car message to send anywhere,
you need to send the message CR to the CR object.

Also after the expression A-B, the filter’s fail is going to 1 and it needs to be the pass that goes to 1

Thank you very much Ill try again

How to set the red car to send anywhere

The Message behavior, you already did it to the blue car.

Thank you it works now!

My game suddenly load super long and theres some error like the car doesnt turn or sometime the game doesnt even work after I set the message to CR so can anybody tell me how to fix this