Something I forgot because I am dumb. (Little help please!)

after the long time I have been in flowlab. inhale I don’t remember how to make something point at your cursor. I want a player to point at your cursor. I know it has something to do with mouse move, point at, and extractor triggers, but I am completely clueless on how to make something point at your cursor.

Ok now I feel really dumb XD.

Don’t worry, I’ve been in that position before.
You just need the “mouse move” block and the “point at” block. Connect the “x” inputs/outputs of the two triggers to each other and then do the same with the “y” inputs/outputs. If done correctly, wherever your mouse move the object should point. Extractor blocks are used to track the object’s x or y positions, how fast they are going, their opacity (named “alpha”), or their rotation. They don’t track mouse movements.

Can you teach me? I tried to do that BUT it didn’t work.