something i have been working on dont know what to think of it

Screenshot 2020-08-25 at 9.45.41 PM

Whoa bro thats really good, did you make that?

If your making a game with those thats gonna be one heck of a game

@GrimProductionZ thx

@GrimProductionZ here is the link

@tertre heres a free sprite for your troubles:free sprites lol

Hey @tertre the camera on your character has a parallax input on it, so turn it to 50 and then play the game it looks really nice when you move the background moves a bit with you and make it more far away

@GrimProductionZ ok thx

@GrimProductionZ do have any idea on what i can work on

@GrimProductionZ do you know how i could make the combat better

@glithctyrus i will think about it lol

@tertre Um you could add punching and kicking until you find a sword which you can use a sword when you find it in, lots say stone :slight_smile: and maybe you can only get a shield in the shop which you can block attracts but it may have a cool down. Also you could add like if you jump then strike with your sword you slice down word dealing more damage to the enemy.

@GrimProductionZ the shield idea sound really cool but i don’t know how to add it. also the jump slice kinda reminds me of minecraft pvp which is really cool, but the thing is i don’t how to make a system like like that, i started about 2 months so i’m still new.

@tertre Oh ok, you could add a projectile like a bow and arrow, throwing knifes, and spears which you would only be able to use them on special occasions since youll only be able to find then in dungeons or chest and stuff, ok not the spear because you would be able to reuse but the throwing knifes and arrow you would have to fined them.

Im going to go to bed probably talk to you tomorrow or in the morning anyway if you get board play this game and tell me what you think just wanted to know your thoughts

@GrimProductionZ i really like the concept it simple yet fun, i liked the black hole feature. i would like to see you finish it and polish it out because i genially enjoyed playing.

@GrimProductionZ i was gonna make a two class at characters a knight and a ranger

I was going to go to bed but my fricken anxiety keeps me awake. Anyway is there anything you would like me to add to my game.

Ok noice I usually choose ranger classes so thats a neat feature your adding, you could add explosives maybe.

@GrimProductionZ my brain is fried now, i cant think of anything. i also have school in the morning lol

@GrimProductionZ explosives crates would be cool to add too and thanks for the help the parallax made the game look more cinematic.