something i have been working on dont know what to think of it

Lol same its great being a game dev thats stays up till 3 in the morning on a school night. Anyway Im surprised you knew that was a black hole you know your stuffs. I was also thinking about adding asteroids the orbit more bigger planets also ones that will move back and fourth.

@GrimProductionZ i would also like to add armor

Yeah parallax is really cool i added it to my zombie survival game which made it look 10 times better. What concerns me is why nobody uses the parallax a lot like almost nobody. Maybe not a lot know about it but its pretty obvious for people who have been on a long time

@GrimProductionZ i have a small suggestion in the game maybe and a little obstacle on the planets, i was thinking pressing space bar to jumping over something like acid are lava.

Yeah armor would be cool like you start out with leather and you can get like hell forged chain-meal amour lol thats from like a very old DS puzzle game very fun actually.

@GrimProductionZ i dont know if the feature i suggested would affect your gameplay in your game.

Yeah thats a really good idea Im going to make all the planets bigger and the asteroids and moons the same size they are now so i could add that. Not really found of the hurtful liquids maybe i might add rocks or somethings having to avoid it while the planet rotates or else if you get pushed by rock you miss jump you end up in black hole lol

@GrimProductionZ yea its a really amazing i said i like the idea of the game and i hope i can help with ideas.

This game is still in very early development i just stared yesterday and got the idea of the game a dat before so not to sure what the plan is i know Im going to add shop were you can purchase new characters. Also did i mention that is my first mobile game.

@GrimProductionZ far your first mobile game that is amazing and you just started working on it yesterday

@GrimProductionZ i have a suggestion for a planet a volcano with sand around it . with the obstacle being a magma block.

Yeah I guess so. I almost debated if i should change it to a more arcade black and white theme but Im glad i stuck with the style i had. What was funny was the mobile controls are the hardest part, took me an hour to fix all the bugs, originally you had to spam the buttons to move and i was thinking of leaving it that way but i found a way to fix it using a timer the would spam repeat messages to the player but using the mouse click detecting weather you finger was on it it would shut on or turn of the switch that it was connected to. Before that I used the always behavior instead of the timer well big mistake crashed my iPad yes Im using iPad right now mostly just to test the game out.

Ok that sounds neat ill add it then but why sand?

@GrimProductionZ i feel like grass would not be the best bet since it around a volcano

I wonder if i could add the volcano by using a attacher because if i make it all one sprite it would off set the rotation making it realy awkward.

Why cant it be stone or obsidian

Other wise wouldnt the planet be made out of glass from the heat transforming the sand into glass

@GrimProductionZ yea obsidian would be better. sorry

@tertre Nah its fine Also i have a realy great question do you have paid edition of if not a can always just summon @meburningslime he has a group that if you join you get paid its pretty great plus i would definitely want to see your game completely finished cuz free you can only have 50 sprites and five levels

And Im going to add worm holes that will teleport you across the map to a different area also light holes which do the opisit of black hols

Also i hate spam block

@GrimProductionZ i have the free edition i would like to get the paid edition so i could get custom music and more levels. how do i join?

@GrimProductionZ aw yeah the dancing is a vendor. i have a shop level but iā€™m thinking of a gui for it