something is wrong

i tried to recreate this pong game based on another person’s pong game and i followed everything that it said but the “computer” doesn’t move up and down and the “player” disappears as soon as the game starts. please tell me what i am doing wrong. here is my game here is the game i based it off of

The player disappears because your x is set to 576 and is off screen. Instead try 488 and it falls because it’s affected by gravity.

The computer isn’t moving because the circle hitbox is stuck in the box behind it. Try 56 instead of 32 for the x. And set a once to start on the timer.
Also computer is affected by gravity so it just falls when it works.

thanks so much JR 01. Do you happen to know how to slow down the ball and speed up the reaction time of the computer?

how do i get my character to collect the coins

Ok 3 things here @2019jcha. To slow the ball, I would just either grow the ball OR replace it in-game with a ball that has more density. Second, just use different, faster timers for the npc. Third @“the fortnite beast” (who even plays that anymore?!?! No offense :slight_smile: ) check out my game Legends of Zelda: Dimension Lost. Instead of using mailboxes, though, just use collision. :wink: