Something's missing but I can't tell what

Hello, @JR01 . I would like you to play my game and see if there’s anything I can improve!
I came to you because you are experienced enough to find the tiny minutia and big-obvious-mistakes alike.
And because you have a cool profile picture, but that’s not the point.
Anyway, thanks for you’re help! I’m sure there’s much to improve.

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Here’s the link

Not bad @Caden9, here’s a quick review:



Stealth ship isn’t tracking the mouse, make sure its set to game coordinates.


There’s a planet in the background layer, you need to crop out the planet so it doesn’t look like a floating image (remove all of the space around the planets).

Thoughts and recommendations:

Attack: Didn’t shoot far enough
Stealth: Broken
Agility: Probably best ship to play with this game
Speed: Over Powered

  • You should have thruster animations until right mouse click up.
  • Hide the player with alpha = 0 after the players death animation.
  • Little advance, but I recommend slowly rotating the objects instead of Point-At.
  • For a game that uses Mouse Click, I recommend a bigger screen / play area (like 16x14).

In the long run

  • Goals for the player
    – Waves
    – Time
  • Different game modes
  • Results

I recommend to take a look at CrimsonBlackGames’s StarBlast Finale game for comparison and ideas. And also don’t take everything I said to heart, do what you think is best!

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Thanks! These are really good ideas!

I have a few suggestions @Caden9 .

The game is good but it needs to do a few things.

  1. Add Arrow Keys and WASD Controls

  2. Add another button like “O” to skip,

  3. Make “replay” or “retry” level button on the death screen, as it’s really annoying to try to grasp the complex controls and die so easily with a big effort to replay the level. Maybe a tutorial / how to play as an option?

Either way it looks really good so far but you die way to easy to explore the game properly.

I understand the adding controls part, but could you elaborate on the rest of it? I’m confused about

Is the GUI not good? Also, are the mouse based controls too confusing?

No no, its fine, but the controls are just hard to get use too, and when you do, you die