Sonic In City Factory Thread

Welcome To Sonic In City Factory! Thread!!!
Sonic In City Factory New Title Screen!
Note:This Game Based On Prototype Of Knuckles Chaotix

Good News! Sonic In City Factory Get A Brand New Release Date
Is 6.11.15

cool… >_< sega gets freaking creepypastas! what happened to mario!
lol… im not a sega kid because i don’t have genesis/mega drive


I Don’t Have Genesis/Megadrive,Cd Or 32x!

Speed Up!

Ack! metal!! i beat him in a race

Good News! This Game Will Have 12 Level!

You keep saying you’re making new games, but you don’t seem to be finishing any of them. Why not just make one big game?

sweet idea mhx!

i tried that and desperately failed

Sonic Time Speed Will Had 12 Level!
Seaside Island Zone
Retro City Zone
Honeycomb Factory Zone
Aquatic Palace Zone
Pinball Factory Zone
Robo Madness Zone
3d Dimensions Zone
Ruins Zone
Freezing Cube Zone
Volcano Cave Zone
SpeedWay City! Zone
The Final Fight Zone
That It For The Level!

Between Sonic Time Speed And Sonic In Aquatic Planet Beta
Sonic In Aquatic Planet Title Screen
bandicam 2015-05-01 07-15-06-290
Next One Is My New Game!
Sonic Time Speed Title Screen!
Sonic Seaside Island Zone
Thank For Everything!

Here The Screenshot Of Sonic Time Speed First Level!
Sonic Seaside Island Zone

Here The Screenshot Of Sonic Time Speed Title Screen!
Sonic Time Speed Title Screen!

Here Fan Made Art Of Sonic Time Speed!
This Artwork Is Not Real But It Fake!
Note:This is Fan-Made
Sonic Time Speed Artwork

Sonic The Hedgehog Time Speed Release Date
Is Here!
Coming On 6.5.15

Wait For Summer!

Sonic Time Speed Name Changing Into Sonic In City Factory

Here The Title Screen Of Sonic In City Factory
Note:It Use Genesis/Megadrive Sprites.
Sonic In City Factory Title Screen