Sonic momentum help!

so you remember how in sonic 1, 2, and 3 sonic woulld build up momentum,
and how the animations would change based on how fast he was?
would there be a way to do this in flowlab? and if so may you please send me an example game or the code.


@CodeAlpaca @ManiacPumpkin @glowbug @Baron_Wasteland

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what do you want me to say. spin animations. don’t ask me about the mechanics, what do I look like? a mechanic? eyyyy

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You can use the extractor behavior to check for the player’s speed. Once you’ve done that you can use a bunch of filters that play animations based on the speed.


may you send a screenshot?

Do what glowbug said. Though it would be interesting to see what people would do if there was an input on the Animation behavior to change the number of frames each frame lasted

screenshot please???

What I would do is divide the speed by X amount, then put that into a router to avoid having to use a ton of filters. I’ll send a screenshot

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This is a Sonic the Hedgehog question, and you didn’t consult kkstrain1 for help?