Sonic the hedgehog game help

I Need Help With Making a Sonic The Hedgehog Video

welcome to flowlab buddy

Are you planning to make a platformer?

yes i want it to be like a sonic game

maybe start by getting the sprites

okay thanks and also how do i make the charater go up slopes

what do you mean by slopes?

make a sprite and then make it a polygon in collision shapes and that’s i mean by slope

I’ve never tried this before, but you can try to make it that when the character touches the slope it rotates the character by x degrees

I don’t think that would work because I have tried it before and it did not work at all.

Here: Flowlab Game Creator - The Local Arcade
I found this on a previous topic

thanks but not what I am looking for I’m looking for something like sonic unleashed but 2d. It somewhat works but when the player is in collision with the slope it slows down the player to almost a total stop. but thanks for the suggestion

That’s how gravity works, you’d need to have some force to propel Sonic up the slope

Here’s a quick example I made a while back, I reduced friction on slopes to give Sonic an easier time going up them.

the gravity In flowlab Is not like sonic gravity

Then use a Motor instead of gravity, that’s what I did.

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I will just make a different game like jet set radio thanks.