Sooooooo it's broken.

I have done some testing and messing around, and found out that my game’s music can only be heard by people with paid subscriptions. So @grazer , could you please fix this? I REALLY want to publish onto facebook, but can’t because of this bug! Thanks.

Are these music uploaded from your computer?

@GalaxianGames yes.

That could be the problem then. I think. I’m not sure if Free accounts can listen to uploaded music.

@GalaxianGames I know that’s what I’m asking to be fixed. I know they cant upload, but they should be able to download.

@meburningslime - there is no requirement for any kind of account to access uploaded audio clips. Even guest users without any account at all can play them.

ok, then why doesn’t it work often on mobile and/or free users? I tried on mobile free and it didnt work, but mobile paid worked. Yes, I used different devices, and no, they were not different types of devices. However, it nearly always works on PC and never works on Ipad.

I’ll test iPad audio, but if there is a problem on iPads then logging in or out should not affect it.

@grazer thanks. On my Samsung S8 it won’t work unless I sign in. I have three S8s so I fiddled around to make sure.

Ok, that’s crazy. I don’t have an S8, but I’ll test on my Galaxy Tab to see if it behaves that way as well. Do you know what version of Android your S8 has on it?

Sorry no, but I do know that everything is updated to the most recent version. I have a galaxy s8 if that helps.