Sooooooooo A new game introduction

Metro Yeh the game is called Metro Don know why name reminds meh of piggy and i will be making a trailer buuuuuutt maybe some art idk why i made this topic XD

i will make art later i guess

but Metro LES FOCUZ

Mono the player got stuck in some top secret Subway with many dangerous Monsters
(Boss Fights to) And he finds a glowing orb that metalish (A Metro Orb) If he tuches it he will be very fast and made of metal The power will be like the star power in super mario)
If you dont have the Metro Orb You have A Metro Sword to help ya fight survive every 5 min or kill all enemies to beat a level

I will make this when i get indie or join a edu group

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That sounds so cool! Can’t wait to try it out!

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Epic! Looking forward to playing it!

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