Sorry if this is dumb

Is there a way to change the characters color and then be able to change it back all while playing the game?

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You could use the colors block but the more efficient and conventional would be shader block, which is an indie only thing :upside_down_face:


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i used the color block but i cant get it to change back to normal

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Maybe use an ease that always keeps running :upside_down_face:

not sure what you mean by that

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An ease is a block that gradually converts a number into another number. You could use this to change the color :upside_down_face:

I am not sure, but do extractors extract color? If they do… then take the ‘extractor’ (on color) and go to a ‘number’ to the “set” output. Then that number output to the colors. \

But I think the easiest thing would be animations.

What happens when you put a ‘number’ with ‘0’ in it to all colors?

It turns black if you set everything to 0. Also, you cannot extract colors.

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Easiest Path

Well the easiest is to make a animation. Here are a few reasons…

  1. When you use the color behavior, it turns everything that color. Then when you use animations, you can make it more colors, and make it how you want.
  2. When you use the color behavior, it is hard, you have to fiddle with the numbers untill you get the right color. When you use a animation… then you can make colors so much easier.

Animations is probably your best bet… @BrennanS


ok i will try that thanks for the help

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