Soul Crushers Update Log

In this discussion I will be posting updates for my game. the link is here (although a lot of the stuff I want to add I havent got the time to add in yet)

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9/17/2020 Update log: v0.0.1
-added 1 weapon and 1 spell
-fixed bugs
-added a basic enemy
-added a experimental save system
-worked on the transform spell
-worked on the door object

Curently working on

-A better save system
-making more spells
-making more equipables
-perfecting movement
-making more enemy’s
-fixing MORE bugs
-Cramming in more mechanics
-Making more sprites

I added a little bit of features and a bit more.
honestly for me a kinda small update to possibly show you what the game is about. took about a month to complete but wasnt too focused on it, so not much of a surprise. I hope to get some pixel art done soon so I can give this game its own look.

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9/21/2020 Update log: v0.0.2

  • made a basic NPC and text box
  • made the doors global
  • made the doors a transition

Currently working on

  • a better save system
  • making more spells
  • making more equipables
  • perfecting movement
  • making more enemy’s
  • CRAMMING in more mechanics
  • Making more sprites

a pretty small update to add to the game. not much to say here.

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