Soul Siphon - Flowjam 2023

The Cosmic Unusual Monitoring Team has detected a dimensional anomaly 4 kilometers west of Urban City.
Since you happen to be the closest (living) operative, it’s up to you to contain the dimensional spillage for as long as possible!
We happen to be on a tight budget currently, so we are only able to issue you a Soul Siphon 2000.
Please refrain from damaging company assets. Good luck!

~Cosmic Unusual Monitoring HQ


is there even a way to use attacks :face_with_peeking_eye: :melting_face:

If you’re unsure of the controls, I have included a controls list in big letters on the title

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I dont know how ive missed that thank you

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It’s all good. I added a little blurb in the description for anyone else unsure of how to shoot

I tried my best, but a skeleton hit me during the switch between day and night :sob:
After I died I was just hoping I had made it to 500…


Did you also make Cow Snatchers from Outer Space?
edit: Oh just checked and you did! You make really fun games that have a nice and unique art style! (Also glad this game has a leaderboard, adds a lot of replayability for me)

In both this game and Cow Snatchers, you did a really good job balancing the waves of enemies and the different enemy types.


thank you! yes i did, cow snatchers remains to be my best game in my opinion. im really happy that you like them, and im honestly super stoked that you recognized me. the main reason why cow snatchers is on a different account is because i ran out of indie and couldnt afford to buy it again : /
you def made my week, thank you :+1: