Sound FX won't stop!

My game has a health bar for the character, so I wanted to put in a warning beep when your life gets down to one. I connected the health equation and health bar to a filter equal to one, then I put in a looping sound for pass. If it fail the filter, it should stop, but it doesn’t. When you die, the sound continues and overlaps with more sounds as you are down to one health. I opened the editor and stop the game, but the sound was still playing, and it didn’t go away until I deleted its command and reloaded the page. Can someone please help if they have found the same bug?

Can you post a link to the game? I’ll take a look, maybe it’s a bug.

Don’t hit the loop feature, it’s already been found

Instead use a timer and count how long the beep takes, then you make it repeat its imput

At the end

Grazer, remember that time I found that bug. I freaked out

that worked thanks man! :smiley:

This bug should be fixed - let me know if you encounter it again.