Sound testing in games

Im currently testing my Super Mario Flowlab Port to see if the sound works. you can join in if youd like


The music turns off if I die and then respawn.

False. You are not supposed to start the game big, you only get big when you collect a mushroom. When you hit a hazard while big, you’re supposed to shrink and be invincible for a few seconds. After the invincibility wears off, then you are supposed to die if you get hit again without collecting a mushroom. I’m pretty sure there was a lives system too. I know this because I have played the original arcade version at a bar with retro video games before the pandemic.


sorry about that, i have the free version of flowlab. i had very little to work with.


Sorry for being harsh. I think you should play Super Mario Bros. some more to understand it better. Maybe get help from other Flowlab-using Mario fans.

Screenshot 2021-09-04 7.53.13 AM
ok i changed the mario Sprite model to small mario, is that better

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Yeah that is awesome!