Sounds are not working BUG

now everytime i put a url it doesnt play not even the same url from an old behaviour works

please fix @grazer

sorry for the fast discussion

Hey @PixelPizza - I just deployed an update with a bunch of sound fixes. Is this issue still occurring? If so, post a link so I can take a look.

It works with links but i want to use this sound:

and it doesnt play… i already tried to refresh but nothing changued…

The Link to the game:
in level 8 (named as “TESTING”) you can test without any other sound playing.
the trigger to the sound is shoot an arrow ( press left click or J for a while)

:frowning: thxs in advice

Nice!! Thxs m8
I will check it out and give you some feedback soon! :slight_smile:


That’s a .wav file

It needs to be an .mp3

Use a file converter to make it mp3 then try it



i cant convert cause the site isnt mine

Nah it’s simple.


Here’s your converted file :wink:

I’m not sure you can directly paste this link into your game so you may have to download this and upload it to kiwi6 or something

Wow thanks man <3
i uploaded to kiwi6 and it worked with direct link (i guess thats how its called)

thxsssssssss @jngthree