Sounds are playing across levels.

So, in HAKK3R, I noticed that when you go from the Monarchia level to the Monarchia Central Hotel, the car’s driving sounds keep playing after reaching it. (Take the road north to an intersection then go right across the bridge and through the two intersections after it, then take the road south to reach the hotel.) This is kind of ruining the immersion for that level, and I don’t understand exactly why this is happening.

Maybe you accidentally pressed “Keep on next Level” or something. I’ll take a look.

Wow! Your Game is fantastic!. I looked into it, played the game as far as I could and wow. It looks really good so Far. I’ll post this discussion to some other more popular ones and I’ll try to fix the Problem.

Oh, and one extra thing.

I noticed You used some of the preset blocks, @browngr . If you let me help you, I can remodel some of your game that is slightly simplified (I will not even touch the character) and help with the coding, If you like. But If your Ok on your own, don’t be afraid to say so, and Good Luck. And also really good game, honestly.

-The Kodex