(Source code) how to extract it?

By chance is there any way to get the source code for my game
I would like to use it to make a portable home made game console I quite enjoy the games I’ve made and would love to make my own console for them
If this is not possible could this feature be added please and available to free accounts


you don’t have indie so you are unable to extract the source code


I think grazer replied to you on the Discord.
But yes you can export your games to an app or an executable.
If you want the “source code”, it also comes along in the exported file. Do you plan to Change anything after the game is exported in its source code?

As people said, you need Indie/upgraded account to export. Its worth it trust me, you will be able to make a lot with it.

Keep in mind that your homemade console needs an OS like Apple, Windows, or Android to Run the games.
If your homemade console has Access to the internet, you wouldnt need to export your games, you could just have links shorcuts or something.

This all being said, if you make a homemade console with flowlab games, make sure to Share with us, I would love to see that :blush::blush: