Space Hoarders Devlog [IN HEAVY WORK IN PROGRESS]

Space Hoarders!
Here I will post updates and planned features for my new game project: Space Hoarders!
I currently only have a couple core features implemented in a test level so not much to look at but heres the game link:

Other than that here is some basic lore:
You are a space pirate… A really bad one. You got kicked out of your dad’s crew… ten times, and now your really poor… You got your hands on a 17th century pirate ship that you put some random engines on and called it good. Being the richest, techiest pirate, and overcoming your father’s crew is your goal, SO GO GET IT!

Planned Features:
2-3 Explorable Galaxies
20+ Tech Upgrades
Space Fights
Interactive UI
Black Market
Pillage Raids
Boss Fights

Optional Features
More Character Designs?

Suggest me stuff on what would make the game sound more interesting. I know there isnt much to go off of right now, but if you could give me some ideas that would be great!

i tryed your game its ok. but theirs nothing to do. the game looks like its not even close to done

@senorsombrero I said that in my post, this is just a devlog and I will be posting progress here. I am planning this to be a long term project so I want a devlog so I can organize what I did and didnt do, and can get suggestions.

I understand that it is a work in progress so I will no comment on the lack of content, but the opening of the game was tubular! Stranger Things definitely rolls into mind after seeing that.