Space Vikings

Just been working on Space Vikings, I started it ages ago

There’s a strange bug which means you have to press the open editor button after you’ve started playing and then play which makes all the enemies appear…see if you can make it through level 1!

Oh yeah! Press ‘c’ to throw out Thor’s Hammer! Still need to sort out collisions on certain enemies but the logic is in place.

Arrow keys: Manoeuvre ship.
Space Bar: Fire Lasers
C: Throw out hammer



I remember this old game. Looks like it could be fun to play if I stopped dying so much.

Hey Mhx! I made some updates so it’s getting easier on level 1 now…I think…

There’s just the bug where you have to restart for everything to show up…

What are the big ball power-ups for? They just bounce off the laser cannons.