Spawns not spawning

I have a spawn object in a parent, it spawns the object the first time, but never again. It triggers the spawn but the object isn’t spawned. I have no work around this.

we need a link

I promise you it’s nothing I can fix with the game. But I’ll send a direct link to you.

Are you Spawning or Emitting, I’m not sure if @thebrickccentric mentioned something about this

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I think this might be a bug

Yes, it seems like at the very least there are some issues activating behaviors from a parent when the child object is spawned. But yeah, this here might be a problem specific to this game even though it might not seem that way.


So you believe it’s a bug. I’ve tried re working it without the parent object, and it works sometimes, so I figure it’s a bug.

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You need both the X and Y coordinates.

Actually, it’s not needed. It will just spawn at 0, 0 (Unless you enter it in inside the behavior itself)