Specific Abilities enabled only when item is picked up

How do I do these things?

I have an idea. There could be an item pickup that enables sprint
And another one that enables time stop.

I know how to make the item pickup, but how do I make it do these things?

and another one that enables block placing
Sprint could have stamina, and time stop only lasts five seconds (JoJo reference DIO). Blocks placed last twice as long but you can only place 5 blocks until the cooldown starts.

What I mean is for these abilities to be coded into the player, but they’re disabled unless an item is picked up.


The magic…
Of switches.
Switches switches switches.
You can have a keybind linked up to your special ability. Make sure it works, then slide in a switch between that ability and the keyboard trigger. KEEP THE SWITCH OFF. On the item pickup, turn it on. If (and when), you put down the item, it turns the switch off again.