Speech box

What if there was a block that you could type what you wanted…your player to say and it would show a speech box–like cartoon? Instead of having to use Title and Alert!

Plz add dis @grazer

This could be done without a new behavior

Show me

SHOW ME @SnakeInMyHoot !

Yeah show us @SnakeInMyHoot

@Polarbeer2019he dead

Here’s a old clip I did early 2019…


Easy code bro. that’s not what i want tho. I ddon’t really care about this discussion anymore, @grazer ignored it

Make a game object that has separate frames of an animation, each with unique dialogue on them, you can customize literally everything about the appearance with the sprite editor, we already have an alert GUI behavior, and a label, so a speech box behavior would be doubly redundant

Here’s a winter game I need to finish before Winter ends, I use animations to make the Dialog box: