speed of things

Im in the process of making this pong game and i was wondering how to make the computer react faster and how to slow down the ball. Does anyone have an idea? I also have 4 levels and each level its supposed to get harder. How should i do that?

lower the timer to respond more sooner or change the speed that it’s going down
and lower the number from 12 to make the ball slower

how do i keep it from getting stuck in the corner?

Instead of using this x,
use the collisions player, computer, player wall, computer wall to a next on a toggle switch
and use always to in of the switch

you could also do the same thing to y for “new type 17” or the ceiling and floor collision

im not sure i understand. could you make an example?

Switch the extractor (this x) with 4 collisions that it would change direction going left and right