Splatoon 2 need help

k, i’ll try and make fortnite then after i do the wowie game jam

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hey @ShadowGaming can u put on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dBVNEtwkFZs
on the splatoon 2 when you are on the play level. (And my brother is helping editing the game. {@GameMaster107 GameMaster107})

You don’t need to make this or am i just saying this because


\They’re making a splattoon 3 AND YOU GET A PET

Nice! Hey @ShadowGaming,
this is @GameMaster107. I have a link with some good music for the game. Could you put it it in, and the gun doesn’t work.

hey im gamemaker107’sbrother but on his account because he messed it up. but can you add in that music?

yeah that was me but now its fixed

are you there???

@ShadowGaming are you there?

do you think we should make an octo expansion

im so sorry, i was VERY busy, im here now.

Whats up? Do you like the ink stop thing I added?

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yes! very great.

Thanks! It took a while adding it all in.

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wanna do the octo expansion that would be cool

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can you also add in the music

yes ill ad music and that sounds cool.

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dont let game master107s other brother in

@ShadowGaming were are you???

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It’s gotta be splatoon 3 now, a real Splatoon 2 was announced


You mean Splatoon 4? They already released Splatoon 2 three years ago, and Splatoon 3 was announced, making this one Splatoon 4.