Split-screen (characters)

Okay so i just had an idea of how grazer could make split-screen. say that there are 2 players, the first player would get the first half of the screen, and the second player would get the second half of the screen. would there be a way of making a camera that could work on half of the screen for one object, while keeping the areas where the camera operates?


Split-screen is currently not possible, and having two objects with cameras going in opposite directions will result in awkward camera fidgeting. However, Grazer once said that split-screen may or may not be possible to add in a future update.

I can only ever seeing this feature useful for people maybe making games on console (if two players are on it, since most families are apt to have only one console vs two) or something hooked up to a tv. Other than that, I would probably just stick to multiplayer since if its accessible from browser then any mobile (depends on game) or computer would work just fine, but this would be an interesting setting. Probably if it was added if would be an indie or payed buff, since it wouldn’t be much of a used feature, but I would actually like to see this in flowlab and maybe experiment different game ideas with it.


i see the possible negative outcomes but there may be a possibility.

As a console player, I agree, but before split-screen, we would need controller support.


with controller support we could make local multiplayer that isn’t crappy

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(sad multiplayer game dev noises)


That would be really awesome, because I want to make a game with splitscreen, but I can’t

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