Spot Check Help

My friends and I are playing a game via Zoom, and I’m wanting to upload everyone’s cards (similar to Bingo cards)so that I can verify winners at the end of each round. Players have their own cards, one player shuffles calling cards and calls them out as the other players mark their own. Again, similar to Bingo. Because we aren’t physically together, and not everyone can be trusted on the honor system, I need to be able to quickly verify that the said winner is the actual winner. We have an average of 20 cards being played per round so it’s difficult to manually keep up with each card. What program can I use to do this? Pictures of the cards are text to me every week.

Ahhhhhh … like the google one?

I think that would get a bit too complex for Flowlab, not saying impossible. I had a play with the beginning of a card game once :

With the new multiplayer it might be possible, but that’s up to the experts here :slight_smile:

No, it’s Loteria.

So is it Bingo?
If so, there are plenty free online multiplayer sites.