Spreading between objects

I have something that i’d like to spread between objects.

think of a disease, one object is infected…and the next closest after a certain designated time (proximity dependent) catches that bug and becomes diseased…then can spread to another, etc.

in this case, i’m using an animation to represent the disease.

my issue is with cloning those objects…if designate an original ‘patient zero’ that’s fine, but all the other patients i clone, and unfortunately they all get the disease simultaneously. Any idea how to make it spread more slowly?

use timer and make it if the object leaves the proximity it stops the timer


currently the objects are static and stay where they are, and the ‘virus’ spreads to another obj if it’s next to it.

proximitys are still the best options for this they work no matter what

ok it’s sounding like i need to create new objects instead of cloning though…
as you can see from the example i did the patient zero in blue, but as soon as the timer goes off to tell it to spread, it goes to ALL of the yellows at once, not one by one with a timer inbetween…that’s kinda what i’m hoping to sort out.

you dont if you use proximity

but i did use proximity…as you can see from the screenshot…

I think this is what your trying to do

I tested it myself and it seems to be working great

YESSSS!! Thank you @Ramshacklegamestudios! That’s the trick of it!

No problem I’m happy to help :wink:

could you take a look here and see what i’m missing?