Okay, so on ViperTech’s FoodWars, I want my characters speed to pick up pace after continuing movement in one direction for a certain amount of time, like sprinting. But I’ve tried everything from timers to filters and even repeaters but I can’t seem to get it right. Please help.

Crimson Hunters demonstrates exactly what you want

Okay, I’ll check it out. Thanks. (:

Change the number of the speed you want like (ex. use the number behavior and set it to a random number ex. 7 then velocity. If you want a certain button to sprint ex. S for sprint the do

Keyboard behavior “S” connect it to the number behavior “7” last connect it to the velocity.

Microsoft Edge 7_16_2018 5_42_27 PM

Microsoft Edge 7_16_2018 5_42_27 PM

sorry I tried zooming it in it doesn’t like me.

That’s alright, thank you!!!

I tried this< it doesnt reaaly work for me it just kinda shoots my character forward, it doesnt really have a sprinting affect.

You want a motor. Motor starts slow and gets faster as you keep going in the same direction, like hitting the gas in a car.