I am doing this game and sometimes it somehow glitches when I want to play test it. I must refresh the browser to make it work again, but some of my sprites change into red blocks. I must refresh browser again and the sprites are all right, but today it happened again and like 40% of my sprites are red blocks and they won’t change back. I don’t want to make them all again. :frowning:

Please check it @grazer

Here’s my game https://flowlab.io/game/play/318996

Ok, so I have fixed my sprites but you should better patch it before it happens again…

Hey Juch, this was due a bad deployment yesterday - I fixed it last night, so you should not have been experiencing it today. Did this happen yesterday?

I’m very sorry for the inconvenience - in some cases I can restore data from a backup if there is corruption like this, but it sounds like you already fixed it.

“Did this happen yesterday?” <------ Yeah, around 5 PM GMT.