Sprite Colors Piling Up + Players can still click things when game is Paused + Timer running down

I noticed in the Sprite Editor under “Browse”, there are Sprite colors piling up? I know how to delete Objects in the Library, but the Sprites in the Editor are piling up and I see no way to delete them.

Also, I noticed that when the game is Paused, say you click a button, Pause the game, and have an Alert appear, things stop moving, but things are still clickable. I tried making a Pause Button in the user interface layer but that didn’t work. I could not click it. This game should have a pause button except if the game is Paused i tested it and the player could still interact with things. I had the game Paused, stuff stopped moving, but i could still click things and interact with them. I looked through and even with the game paused, alert or no alert on the screen, the player can still click things. So all they would have to do is pause the game and then click stuff. How do you make it so when the game is Paused, objects that were once clickable no longer are?

Also, I understand the timer function, but how do you start the timer at a certain point and have it run down instead of up?

Pausing ought to take the “Focus” off of the game, so people can’t just pause and keep clicking things. Having the game Paused should mean everything stops. Yet the player can still click things.

Is there a way to Pause the game so you can’t click on them? As in, Pause makes it so you can’t click on anything. As of now, the game is Paused but the objects are still clickable. How do I make it so Pause means the objects, which are normally clickable, not clickable when the game is paused.

No one knows how to set up a timer to run backwards? Where you set up a Timer, but instead of counting off a certain amount of time, it starts at X number of seconds and counts down.

I do. You add a timer at 1 second and have it attached to a number (-1) then into the + on another number. That is how you can do it.

I apologize for sounding impatient. I am in the process of developing a game and it would help for it to have a timer.

Do you still need help on the timer

Oh my gosh it worked :open_mouth: Thank you! :slight_smile:

About the Sprites and Objects: The Object Libraries for the Game World Layer and the UI Layer allow you to delete objects from them (the libraries)

But the Object Library for the Background does not. Also, the Sprites are piling up, in the Sprite Editor. Under Browser and My Sprites, theres a whole line of them just sitting there. I selected them and hit the Delete key on my keyboard but they didn’t delete.

Wait… it hits zero and keeps counting into the negative numbers. I attached a Number that said 0 to a switch, and connected that back to the timer, but the whole thing would not work then.

I set up an Eval and set it to zero, linked that to a switch, set the switch to on, but i connected the eval to the off part of the switch and the switch’s out part to the timer’s start.

Thinking when the Number hit 0, the Eval would send info to the switch, turning off the timer, but the whole timer would not run. Absent the Eval and swtich, the timer ticks down just fine except it keeps going pass zero.

Aaaanddd Pause doesn’t stop the timer There must be a way of having the Pause Sprite Send a Message to a Mailbox in the Timer Sprite, and the mailbox that’s connected to a switch telling it to go off.

Hopefully, if it gets turned off it will resume back where it was. Unless i connect the off switch to delay.