Sprite Deletion

I just started using flowlab for a school project and obviously I don’t have the full membership and I was wondering if you can delete sprites, because I’ve used all of mine mainly because of the default blocks having different color and whatnot.

There’s an X button

Where am I to find this x button

There are two options:

  1. To delete the sprite before drawing a new one, do this:
  • click on the object, and select “Edit”
  • click on the sprite to open the sprite editor
  • click on the red “x” button on the left to delete the sprite
  • draw a new one with the drawing tools
  1. To completely remove the object and all instances of it from your game:
  • click on the “library” button in the bottom toolbar
  • click on the object you want to remove
  • click “delete all”
    (this will remove the object, its sprite, and its behaviors)

Thanks so much