Sprite editor behaviors

I would like the sprite editor to be able preform functions such as:

Glowing effects ( I’m usually away from my computer so i cant make the effects myself)
Alpha for pixels
Clone stamps
Erasing with a “hardness” option
The old paintbrush (again with the hardness option)
Copy and paste function across games ( via computer’s clipboard )

And thats about it, but these are some must haves

I remember the paintbrush. Why was it removed :frowning:

Edit: Oh and we need the old color picker back!

And layers! We need layers


I recommend GIMP. It’s a free photoshop-esqe program, that I use to make all my sprites and graphics. http://www.gimp.org/

I use paint.net, but i don’t usually have access to my PC…

How do you use Flowlab?

Puffin web browser