Sprite editor feature!

Hey, @grazer it would be cool if there was a tool. So if you put some pixel in the sprite only those pixels could change color and the rest of the pixels can’t. Here are examples:

With no special tool:

With a special tool:

Using colors behavior:

Screen Shot 2020-10-26 at 20.43.24

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It could be used as hair customisation or other things.

Like different color outfits or something, I like this idea. If you made a game with a character who’s mood changes often, lol.

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A way to do something similar could be using animations

I could use it for my game too, you should be able to customize your skin and your color for certain parts. So, @R0CK has a good point, @grazer And this is how the tool should work: you click on the pixels you want to be able to change color with.

You can do this with attachments as well, to some degree @R0CK

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Ye, lol ( Characters )

@grazer, Ye like multiple special pixel blocks but split in many animation or so. It could be used to make city’s but coloured to tell the differents of civilizations like in a god simulator game.

this could be used if you created a character that is blue and you have a ton of animations then you decide to change him to red, this would be very helpful!

@AbstractGallery, Maybe you can put it in animation but you also can put multiple special pixel block like team-1 and team-2 so if you change color in team-1 team-2 won’t take effect but team-1 does take affect and change color.

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