Sprite editor functions and tools

Honestly, Id like the return of the paint brush, along with:

-Pixel alpha
-glow effect
-rotate sprite
-select/deselect/magic wand
-things others want as well

Along with a Add point/connect point hitbox editor. This would be super helpful.

Additional wishlist: an integer based screen size editor (obviously with a cap of sorts), so that native games on computers arent low-res. However, the current settings work like a charm for mobile, but only mobile

Cmon man. Most game engines don’t even have sprite editors. Why do people want grazer to remake GIMP in flowlab? I agree about bringing back the brush and adding opacity to the eraser, but the sprite editor is good as is and completely free, and now has exportable images.

As for hitbox editor, it really isn’t easy to do. I did perfect frame pixel hitboxes on PSP Diamondsion Assault, but that was in LUA. I have no idea how to translate that to Python for grazer, and I don’t code anymore anyway. If I can find the source code, maybe he can get the gist of how it works and write the code himself, but I’ll have to find my PSP and decode the EBOOT.PBP file.

The screen size feels tolerable, but the width should go to 25, because it doesn’t fully fill my screen in full screen. I use zoom 175% in full screen and everything looks crisp on my laptop, no blur, but I have yet to try it on a large HDTV.

Side notes:
[spoiler] All I’ve wanted from grazer for years is background layers and animations, and a zoom in/out on the camera would also be very useful in a smash engine or huge boss battle. He said he has a very long todo list, so I can’t see most of our suggestions getting to the top of the list til next summer at least. Flowlab is like 5 years old now. It started out as a hobby and it will stay a hobby until there are at least 250 paid members. That would be around $3,000 a month, and then he could afford to have it be his main job and work on it all the time. If you really want new updates soon, advertise flowlab in your games menus if you host them on newgrounds or other sites so people click the logo and join. I should have enough work done to make a video ad on Facebook as a Christmas present to flowlab. Lots of people will be getting computers, phones and consoles for Christmas. There will be too many ads before Christmas, but after New Years Facebook ads will be dead. Nobody will be posting holiday sales ads. There will be no competition until Valentines Day. I can host several ads through January to hopefully help flowlab get new members. [/spoiler]

@“Mhx Ar” I agree, but what Im aiming for is pretty tough to find, especially because I mostly do everything cloud-based…
Also SB3 is on NG already

@CrimsonBlackGames If it’s on NG, do you have a “made with flowlab.io” button, link, or logo somewhere? You don’t have to but it would help grazer out a lot. Also, I recall you saying you mostly build with puffin browser. I am surprised you haven’t requested an offline flowlab builder app that syncs when online. Also, I’m looking at buying the LG Stylo 3 phone, because it’s an 8 core and uses a stylus. Then I can also make my games when I’m away from my laptop, and click and draw much more precisely than my finger can.

An offline version would be cool, true…