Sprite editor keeps kicking me again!

Im sorry but Im fricken mad
Every time i try to edit a sprite it keeps kicking me out and i cant do anything at all fix this now!!!

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The same thing keeps happening to me. It might just be a bug that happens when on mobile. Every time I go to edit my sprite, it will glitch and put me on the basic editing layout of the game, but I cant move cause it still thinks i’m editing the sprite, which it clearly put me back into the game editor. This only happens on my iPad though. On my computer, it works just fine.

Hey @GrimProductionZ - can you give me a few more details about what’s happening? I don’t really understand what the issue is. If you can post a video using https://www.loom.com/ or something, that would be really helpful.

@ManiacPumpkin flowlab isnt meant for mobile

@CrimsonBlackGames I know flowlab isnt for mobile, but my IPad has a keyboard so I can still play and edit games, but I still have the same issue as @GrimProductionZ.

Well Im using school pad @grazer so I should probably not make video but her are some details when I enter the sprite editor it will allow me to edit for about 30 seconds to about a minute then it kicks me to the game editor screen but I cant do anything and if I refresh it deletes all my progress on that sprite.

When you say it “kicks you”, does this mean that the sprite editor window just closes? If you open the sprite editor and don’t do anything at all, just wait for 30 seconds, does it still kick you?

Yes thats what I mean

Are you fixing it? @grazer

@GrimProductionZ - I’ll need to be able to reproduce it before I fix it. I didn’t understand your response - are you saying that the sprite editor will close even if you don’t touch anything? What sort of tablet are you using?

iPad with a keyboard case

Yell if I usually try making something like animation or browse it or drawling it usually kicks me out in a min

YES IT’S HAPPING AGIAN 375keri,tõ¬ ÷r

Strange. I’m no longer having that problem anymore since the last update. So it just kicks you out of the editor completely, or does something else happen as well?

mostly just that but I was on mobile i’m on my laptop now

This does not happen on your laptop, correct?

no only on my iPad (please grazer set the character limit to 10 or something)

Yeah, as stated a couple of times in the past, Flowlab and mobile don’t mix well. Hopefully in a future update, mobile support will come… if it’s possible.