Sprite Editor Suggestions and Level editor suggestions.

The current editing tools, while they are nice, I think they could use a few improvements. I do understand that you are probably working on bigger and better things but I still want to get it out there:

  • Level editor suggestions:

Able to select multiple blocks to delete/move.
I thought it was kinda annoying that I could only delete or move blocks around 1 at a time. I know there’s a mass delete button but sometimes I make a mistake while placing blocks and it’s irritating because I only want to get rid of maybe 7 or 10 blocks that i misplaced. But I have to do it 1 at a time. This is more of like a “make your life a little easier” type of feature but it’s the main problem I have with the Level Editor.

-Sprite Editor/Behavior Editor:

Making the keep between levels not keep between ALL levels. This makes it kinda hard to make a game with multiple levels and have a start screen too. To combat this i’m doing a big open world game without any level changes other than from the start screen to the actual game play, but for other games like the one my friend is making, doesn’t have a big open world but rather multiple levels. But he can’t make the character keep his upgrades or weapons he’s picked up because he can’t make it keep throughout levels



For the second thing: To save the items stats you can use the Save behaviour

Example: Player Catches Sword (Collision) -> Save Behaviour (Name: Item; Score: 1) -> Filter (equal to 1) -> Sword Animation or wtv you want

Once -> Read Save behaviour

Tip: you can hold backspace (delete for mac I think) and move your cursor over objects to remove them.

OMG I don’t even knew that! I’m so amused! Thank you @Latif3

Hahah it was supposed to the OP but np lol

Thanks, just wish I could shift click to select multiple things to delete at once for a mass delete. Sort of a Quality of life thing. But thanks didnt know rip

Ok one more thing, is there a way I can rotate sprites in the sprite editor, that’s kind of a problem for me. I messed up and made the sprite face one way and I don’t know how to export it, rotate it and then import it without the white background on the sprite.