Sprite Editor Update?

Ive heard a lot of people talking about a sprite editor update! Is it a confirmed thing? Or are people just speculating? If it is confirmed, What changes are being made?

i dont know but i would recomend a sshadeing tool (meaning if you shaded a red and black object white it would look more like pink and grey).

Ooh, Yea, theres somthing like that in a sprite editor called piskel.

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OH REALLY!? that helps alot thanks

yea, my dad (@todorrobot) uses it a lot for his games

well just by using behaviors i can just about make like 5 different shades but it would be nice to be able to use it for any color

Remember when Grazer made a poll for the data types or the sprite editor? Both updates are coming, but Data Types are to be done first.

These updates will take a time, so it’ll be a while before either updates are to be finished.

ohhhh cool! (202020)

hey as long as updates are coming i dont care how long it takes.

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Yup! Of course, yes they will take plenty of time,
grazer is preparing now, please have some tea and wait patiently

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