Sprite hitbox?

I’m not sure if this is possible, or if it has been requested, but a hitbox that is the same shape as your sprite would be awesome.

Don’t worry about already suggested things. If something will be requested a lot. It might be added later.

Btw, this is not possible.
So it’s a feature request

Hey @SnowdriftTheIcewing - what did you have in mind as an example? One problem with making very complicated hit boxes is that they tend to snag and get hung up on everything.

I meant something like this: After designing the sprite, the pixels that are transparent are not part of the hitbox, and pixels that are opaque/colored/whatever you want to call it make up the hitbox.

Like I have my dragon in my game, the hitbox would be dragon shaped, a flower would be flower-shaped, etc. it’s the same shape as the sprite.

In other words: a single pixel has a pixel sized hitbox fitted to it