Sprites being duplicated dozens of times

As the title says, we run a workshop with students, and all of their sprites are being duplicated and placed in random locations. It’s essentially creating a collage of their character, backgrounds, etc. I am going to investigate more when the class ends but has anyone experienced this?

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I cannot say I’ve experienced before :thinking:

If and when this happens:

  1. Press Control + I or right click and press the “inspect” button
  2. You should get a screen that looks like this:
  3. Click on the “console” button (circled red), and if you see any error messages, then you should screen shot all of them and report them here.

Also, can you give me a link to the broken games to see if I can do anything?

(Also, take a look at this @grazer!)

They must be duplicating because your students turned on the “keep between levels” setting without fully understanding it. They could also have placed multiple copies of the same object with this setting toggled on in the same level, which can also cause disruptions.

I attached everything below. Thanks for the help and for being thorough. I am convinced this is self-inflicted but I was not in the class and am going off the observation of my own staff and an unaffiliated teacher that says “there is no way it’s the students, it must be a glitch.” So just trying to check in on the off chance this is a glitch before addressing the students directly.



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I mean, it could be the students just spamming, but just in case you can always delete the game and start over fresh. (that, or delete all the levels except one, seeing as most of them don’t have useful content)

So, just answering your question directly, the load assests would not effect how many objects are in the level, just what the objects look like. So, yeah, this is probably just your students ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Yeah I think its likely a student/s who thinks they are funny. The course is almost over so I would clean it up and just get through it. Thanks for the reply and for checking the game. Like I said, just wanted to make sure it wasn’t actually a glitch, however unlikely.