Squash-Bots : Co-op

Hi Guys! I am back with a new game and here is how it all started. One of my friends came over and told me if I had a two player game we could play. But I didn’t so I quickly made one and we played. He said he enjoyed it, so I decided so stay focus on the game. We both named it Squash-Bots. It is a 3 player game where you have to squash the other player to get more points! Here is the link:

This is just a layout of what the game is right now. There will be updates in the future. So if you have a brother, a sister maybe you could tell them to come and play!


crying why…? Why create the spelling error sob

Um sorry for the misspell typing tooooo fast sorry

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Fix it, right now. Right on the spot fix it.

See ya guys in a bit Some people called me for a game session I wouldn’t be here in a while

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Yes! It’s now fixed :wink:

Hi Everyone! I have polish the art more so it looks better! I also added new maps, but in the progress removed all the other maps…But if you want them back comment down below. But first here are the 3 new maps! The first one is the same though but a little different!


Ice Mountain


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  • This is so bad!

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