The last discussion was filled with very minor updates and all that. Here I’m gonna try to only keep up with major updates so it can be more organized. :slight_smile:

this game’s like the retro version of ssb. any ideas?

Voted :slight_smile:

me too

Why not make it an original game?

Yeah, similar in style, but with its own unique features!

Thanks! :smiley: @jngthree @Myw I’ll keep that in mind.
Though I don’t believe I have enough objects for items…

Honestly, all you need is reskins and a new title to truely make something new, smash bros is not a crazy concept

hmm… I was hoping for at least 4-5 votes in each section…

I don’t know how to help with that :frowning:

So how do I launch diagonally? :confused: it’s a complicated process (at least for me)… that’s one of the only things keeping me from finishing the game, Screenshots are appreciated (or videos!)

Just if its from the left have a impulse with X on the other direction and 20 for Y

oh… thanks!

However I’m having trouble with negative numbers having to divide in expressions, so that part’s just y for now
now the battlefield’s partly playable! still working on it, but you can still try to knock off opponents.
p1: n- shock wave, increase damage by 3 (fast speed, but destroyed upon contact and lower range)
p1: m- direct attack, increase damage by 5 and launch opponent

p2 e- gust, increase damage by 2 (slower, but lasts even when collision occurs and a bit higher range)
p2 r- direct attack, increase damage by 5 and launch opponent

im working on new attacks and more mechanisms, like recovery moves and jump attacks. though i think 3 jumps is enough for recovery…
aerials and crouches, i cannot guarantee…
well, feedback is always appreciated, as usual. :slight_smile:

I’m thinking of Final Smash ideas for now. They’re just ideas:
Earthquake Slash- hit the ground with all the strength in your sword, pulverizing it instantly. Anyone caught in it will be launched upwards.
range: 10 grids
dmg: 20 dmg
launch: medium

Ultimate Blade- Create a powerful storm with the edge of your blade.
range: long
size: 5 height, 3 width
dmg: 30 when caught
launch: low

Electromagnetic beam- create a large, powerful beam that rotates clockwise.
range: long
dmg 20
launch: low

Neon blitz- neon wars starships will invade the screen and rapidly shoots lasers.
range: long
ships: point at, medium speed, explodes in a few moments
laser beams: 1/hit
explosions launch: high
however if i can actually make this happen its the best-case scenario.

Sam could emit a spawner that teleports around emitting ships.

that would take more objects… how about they start invading from offscreen?

How would they get there?

Or maybe sam emits them and they have a once— two randoms and a position

like they wait offscreen and speed into view once activated