Stamina Bar Help

Hello, I am back again trying to recreate one of my favorite games in 2D! This time it’s Rocket League and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get the stamina (boost) bar to work in my game. I’m trying to use switches and a router to start adding boost after it depletes after 10 seconds. Any help would be appreciated!

My Game

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The game is private so we can’t see it,
but I have to suggest using a value for the boost and make the bar show the boost amount based on that number. Making a system that starts and stops at 100 and it always adds 1 to the value as long as you’re not holding down the boost button.

To show the boost, I have a bundle that converts the range into a percentage and vice versa. You can use the bundle for a bar or rotation of a sprite. Here is the example for that bundle, and one that uses rotation if you want to use that method.

Flowlab Game Creator - Progress Bar Example
Flowlab Game Creator - Speedometer


Helpful as always. I will make it public so if I have any other questions you can see my code. Thanks!