Stamina Bar with Multiple Keys

I can’t get something with a stamina bar to work with multiple keys.
Doesn’t look right to me either.

Use the Numbers into eval, not keyboard

Thanks, anything else I mess up? I rarely have the need to use expressions so I’m not the brightest with them.

I’m not sure what your trying to do with this set up,
maybe set keyboards to repeat if you haven’t already?.. maybe with a delay

Alrighty, I was having M-Z play notes on a piano and the low notes move your player further but decrease stamina and high notes move less and decrease less stamina. If your stamina is down your player’s tic level goes up. (Make a game about a kid who has tourette’s.

So what are the problems?

You already told me the solution, the problem was that the stamina bar wouldn’t go down because I had all the keys to down and evaluate instead of the output of the number evaluating the expression.

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Still won’t work, I disconnected all the lines, could you help me with getting it to work from where I started with it?

Leave a link or PM me the link

The problems are that you need to loop the expression, use numbers into eval, and set ALL your keyboards to repeat.