Star Trail Promo

I created this promo with an animator when I was working a lot on Star Trail - a game I still plan to finish : )

I’m hoping the new update will give me the incentive to finish the game and release it.

Very cool game. I check it a lot to try to figure things out.

Glad you like it mystery planet, still a fair amount to do on it…

Liking Hawg Jump, splash page is great and game play is on its way for sure, I’d be tempted to make the first bit easier which will make the game flow better.

I like when you turn into a pork roast if you get hit by the farmer! lol! Here’s a link for the peeps who havn’t played:

I really like your promo animation. I could never finish a video, unless it was under 2 minutes, then MAYBE, but it would be sloppy.

Hey thanks muddyapples! I wanted to get some humor into my game. It still takes me forever to figure out how to make things work right, but it’s coming along.