Star Wars Survival: WIP
New game work in progress, trying to find ways to teach my school kids how to make a game that is fun. This one has less of the visuals than the last I posted here.

Hope you enjoy!

P.s. let me know what your high score is in the comments! srvivl

My Highests it 125400! as of right now

How do you do that, @Toddt ?! I’ve only got to 5,000?! What?

@rcreger It’s all about the right combo of power ups! if you get a 3 in one shot plus the shot gun blast it can be awfully handy plus the atst blasts don’t actually hurt you only the chassis

6,000 and that was actually genuinely fun

Agreed, @MagmaDude100

Its a little hard to move around, I kept stopping sunddenly or wasn’t able to move at some parts.

But overall a really fun experience

very fun, movement was super glitchy though, I had to hack it a little to make the game playable

my record was 27,000

Graphics are pretty good, but the movement is really really glitchy. Its a solid game though, good job.

Yeah unfortunately not much I can do about the movement, too many enemy’s loaded starts to lag it out. I may try and add something that removed enemies that are spawned in too far from you that might help but may decrease the difficulty significantly.

Hey @Toddt - really slick game, I like it :slight_smile:

It was playing super smooth for me, no lag at all, but the movement was still a little bit glitchy. I’m not 100% sure what the issue is there, but I noticed that if you set the keyboard triggers to repeat instead of only triggering once, then that seems to iron out the problems.

Hey @Toddt , if you want, you can send your game for me to review! Just go to: and leave a link!

If you want, you can also post it to my discussion and get a high-quality review in return!

If you want, you can also post it to my discussion and get a high-quality review in return!

…What are you doing @Crigence ? You said that twice :lol:

I don’t know, i must of clicked the button too many times or something!

I thought you were trying to be that one advertisement that keeps on popping up @Crigence :lol:

@rcreger you were beat by him AND me now!
I can review your game in Sublime Slime!

One thing you should do with your self-advertising @meburningslime is put a link for your discussion, it helps a lot! Good luck!

Umm… using flowlab on the phone makes it a pain in the neck to actually do that, but I’ll try to!